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Central Heating Repairs

When heating system hiccups, you need a reliable service that gets your heating working again without delay. DartfordPlumber.com specialises in central heating repairs, resolving everything from minor faults to serious breakdowns. With a fast response time, our team ensures that you aren’t left in the cold for long. Our engineers arrive ready to diagnose and fix the problem, often completing repairs in a single visit.

Here are some common problems people get with their heating systems:

Some radiators not heating upWorn out pump / air in the radiators / stuck radiators valves
No hot water, but heating is workingBroken motorised valve / Faulty hot water cylinder thermostat / Combi boiler fault
Hot water is fine, but no heatingFaulty motorised valve or diverter valve / Problem with room thermostat or timer
One radiator not workingAir in radiator / Stuck radiator valve
Radiators not hot enoughSystem out of balance / Worn pump / Boiler thermostat set too low

New Central Heating Systems

Considering a new central heating system can often feel overwhelming. DartfordPlumber.com is here to make the decision easy and the transition smooth. Our specialists will work with you to design a system that not only matches your home’s requirements but also adheres to the current building regulations. This is crucial because it guarantees that your radiators will be the perfect size to keep you comfortably warm, even during the coldest days.

We ensure that every part of your new central heating system is meticulously planned and tailored to provide comfort and efficiency for you and your home. From the size and placement of radiators to the efficiency of the boiler, every detail is crafted to offer you consistent warmth and save on energy costs. With DartfordPlumber.com, you’re choosing a partner who will create a heating system that’s built to last, ensuring you stay cosy regardless of the weather outside.

central heating engineer

Nest & Hive Smart Thermostat Installation

At DartfordPlumber.com, we’re dedicated to optimising your home’s heating efficiency. Take advantage of our expertise in Nest & Hive Smart Heating Controls for convenient on-the-go control, energy savings, and a comfortable home with lower bills. Choose us as your go-to plumbers in Dartford for a warmer, smarter home.

Nest thermostat

New Radiator Installation

Choose DartfordPlumber.com for your new radiator installation needs in Dartford, and join our list of happy customers who enjoy warm and cozy homes.

We can install conventional radiators, as well as designer radiators in a range of colours.

As part of the service, we can also carry out heat-loss calculations to ensure your new radiator is powerful enough to heat your room.

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Radiator Power Flushing

Are you noticing cold spots on radiators, or is your central heating system not performing as it should? DartfordPlumber.com is here to help with our professional Powerflushing services, tailored to improve the efficiency and extend the life of your heating system.

Don’t let an inefficient heating system leave you in the cold. Contact us today to book your radiator power flush and enjoy a warmer, more comfortable, and energy-efficient home.

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What Areas Do You Cover?

We provide our services throughout Dartford and to neighbouring areas within a 7-mile area of Dartford.

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